3 Things To Know About Estate Sales If You Want To Liquidate

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3 Things To Know About Estate Sales If You Want To Liquidate

27 December 2018
 Categories: Finance & Money, Blog

If you recently retired and want to move somewhere warm and sunny, your first goal might be to sell your house. If you do not want to have to move all your things to your new house, you could also consider liquidating your belongings and walking away from your house without any possessions at all. This would make moving easier, and you would have a large check in your hands from the sale of your things. If this is what you want to do, the best way you can do it is by hiring an estate sale company—such as Remember When Estate Sales, LLC—to do it for you.

What Is an Estate Sale Company?

Estate sale companies specialize in helping people sell things they own. Typically, an estate sale company will sell only the contents of a home along with any contents found in outbuildings of any kind, but some companies also sell the homes, too. When you hire a company like this, they will handle all the advertising, sorting, pricing, and selling of all the goods. They will typically have two methods for selling the goods, and the first is through a silent auction. The second is through a live auction. When completed, everything in an entire house should be sold.

How Does an Estate Sale Work?

When you hire a company for this service, they will come to the home to inspect the contents. From there, they will begin advertising for the sale, and the sale will likely be several months from now. Next, they will have workers come into the home and begin sorting through everything and organizing everything. They will have appraisers present to help determine the value of rare or expensive items, and they will create a list of every item they plan to sell. You should not sort through the things or dispose of anything prior to the sale, as they may be able to sell items you think are junk.

What Are the Benefits of Hiring This Out?

There are many benefits of hiring this job out, but the main benefit is that they will be able to provide you with a big check when the sale is complete. The company will keep a percentage of the sales as the commission for the job, but you will receive the rest. The second benefit is that you will be left with nothing, and this is a great benefit if you wanted to get rid of everything you own.

Hiring a company to handle this event for you is the best option you have, and it would make moving so much easier. You can learn more about these services and the costs for them by contacting a company that specializes in estate sale services.